Daniel Roberts gets the Chills

0 9 years ago

Congratulations to ex-Glenfield Student Daniel Roberts who gained his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering from The Auckland University of Technology.

Daniel came into the college to visit staff and students in the Technology Department and to talk about the project he has been working on at Mayekawa Australia.
Daniel said ‘I was Mechanical Design Engineer for the chiller sets that are going to be installed at a Fonterra site in Southland.
There will be 3 identical chiller sets installed at this site, each set has a 2MW Mayekawa compressor to compress the Ammonia gas for heat exchange. The compressors were designed and Manufactured in Japan. The Heat exchangers were also free issued. The rest of the Chiller set was designed from ground up by myself, fitting particular requirements and specifications of the client, this involved design of pressure vessels, pressurised piping and structural steel framing. A single chiller set dimensions were 8m long, 4m wide and 3.8m high weighing 44 tonne.’

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