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Glenfield College has a history of its Alumni achieving great things in the world beyond, and it is here that we list some of those who have come to prominence.

Tjebbe Bruin: Enduro Riding, Bruin Engineering

Professor Patria Hume: Gymnastics, Academia

Lisa Whitney: Gymnastics

Tim Forester: Cambridge Academic, Scholarship (Phd)

Mark White: Performing Arts

Thomas Miller: Volleyball

Lisa Ball: Athletics

Tracey Cooksley: Gymnastics

Lisa Stevens: Rollerskating

Sonja Hardcastle: Touch Rugby, Netball

Wayne Fausett: Basketball

Rachel Hunter: International Model

Tom Eade: Volleyball

Charles Neho: Dancer

Rachel Wistrand: Waterpolo

Kerry Palmer: Table Tennis

Shelley Palmer: Table Tennis

Robert Gemmell: Water Polo

Julie Worth: Yachting

Karen Lambert: Yachting

Tony Veitch: Media/TV

Hamish McCracken: Fencing

Maleme Williams: Softball

Stacy Tapsell: Touch

Seeby Woodhouse: Business

Craig Parker: Actor

Damon Andrews: Actor/Writer/Director

Paul Glover: Actor

Michael Hallows: Actor

Jodie Rimmer: Actor

John McDermott: Finance

Kara Gordon: Musician

Dale Corlett: Actor/Producer/Director


Do you know of another distinguished member of our alumni who should be on this list?They may be Business leaders (CEO of major Company or senior role in a large multi-national) , Civic leaders (Mayor), MPs,  NZ Senior Team sports representatives, Olympians, Commonwealth Games Reps, Winners of international Arts/Cultural competitions, Prominent actors/actresses, …

Those at the very top of their field nationally, or with a significant positive public profile.

If you can think of any other past students who fit this criteria , please leave a message on our forum here