Award Winning Actor Jodie Rimmer treads the boards of her old school.

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Award Winning actor, Jodie Rimmer visited her old school again this morning and spoke at the whole school assembly. (see above right). Jodie has based her acting career here in New Zealand in order to prioritise her commitment to family. She has appeared in numerous TV and Movie productions in her established career.  Readers may remember her performance in Young Hercules as Lilith (see above left), alongside Hercules(Ryan Gosling) and Iolaus (Dean O’Gorman). She has also appeared on Shortland St, The Strip, In My Father’s Den, and just recently, Auckland Daze, among many others.

Jodie emphasised to the students not to value yourself by the work you do, but by developing a healthy sense of who you are as a person. She also described herself as an unconventional person in a very conventional world, something that she has grown to appreciate and value in herself. Her struggle with depression was also mentioned, first  evident in Florida when she was 17, during a one year exchange program. Jodie feels strongly that talking about your feelings, having supportive friends and seeking professional help has helped her to manage what can be a very challenging illness.

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